Jeypent Foundation seeks to empower the youth (13-20 years) in poor and rural communities. We partner with secondary schools and other relevant stakeholders to motivate, counsel, mentor and equip these young people holistically so that whether they are able to advance themselves in education or not, they will lead meaningful and responsible lives.

The Foundation is currently funded through 5% of the net revenue of Jeypent Limited. We welcome all like-minded individuals and corporates to generously contribute financially and in-kind to this worthy cause.

Our Approach:

  • Mentoring programmes where we link boys to responsible men as “father-figures” : Each man then undertakes a structured mentorship programme for 6 weeks with up to 3 boys at their time and place of convenience and then a life-long relationship begins with periodic progress reports being provided in monitoring and evaluation sessions.
  • Provision of Sanitary pads to needy girls in various schools: Would you still believe that so many girls miss school for several days every month because of these very basic necessities? A small pack of sanitary pads given to them discreetly by a teacher/lady the students trust, goes a long way in keeping them in school.
  • Quarterly Sponsored Weekend Challenges/Events – Topical Issues & Spiritual Nurture. These young people especially in day schools get an opportunity to show case their talents, receive motivation and counsel from experienced facilitators and also interact with some of their sponsors and mentors.
  • Financial Sponsorship: to needy students: Although education has been highly subsidized, there are still some charges like lunch that are still levied by many day schools. These charges are normally up to Kshs. 5,000 per term. This is where we come in because some parents are unable to raise even this amount that may appear quite affordable.
  • Reading Materials: We provide specific young people with books and other inspirational literature

Coming Soon:

  • A programme for Secondary School CU Patrons – equipping them with skills and tools to coach, mentor and nurture cases of especially boys (students) from single-parents families
  • A programme for community mentors: These will be volunteers who will be trained on how to work with children from single -parents’ families to coach, mentor and equip them for responsible living
  • A programme to equip identified rural parents for specific children in handling the 13-20 age groups.

Foundation Addressing the Gaps, One Youth at a time!