Strategy & Organizational Capacity Development


Strategic Planning

A well thought out strategic plan offers any business an effective platform to deliver on its strategic goals and aspirations. Entrepreneurs and business managers are often so preoccupied with immediate issues that they lose sight of their ultimate objectives. JEYPENT comes in to help facilitate the process of focusing on this ultimate picture,business review and development of this critical business tool i.e. the Strategic plan. The development of the Strategic Plan doesn’t necessarily translate into a recipe for success, but without it,a business is likely to fail.


Microfinance Advisory

The JEYPENT team has practical experience in micro finance at operational and strategic levels and has supported different organizations to set up,develop business plans,develop products and position themselves in the market.  We are well versed with the opportunities and challenges that financial services providers can exploit across the Region.



Business Incubation Service

Our Business Incubation Centre  supports the growth of new businesses by providing access to a range of key resources such as business advisory support and linking them to experienced entrepreneurs. Depending on your needs, our pool of experienced and professional managers will offer cost-effective management services on independent contractual basis. While the business at the start-up phase may not afford a full-time manager with high-level expertise, JEYPENT will provide these resource at a highly affordable arrangement.


Monitoring & Evaluation

JEYPENT helps organizations such as companies, government agencies, international
organizations and NGOs, to improve their management of outputs, outcomes and impact. By
collecting and analyzing data, we help organizations measure progress and identify what is
working and what is not enabling informed decisions on how to improve their programs and