Career Growth & Employability Skills

Our key areas of expertise are:

  • Graduate Employability Skills Training (G.E.S.T)
  • Business Etiquette Skills


Graduate Employability Skills Training (GEST)

“You can’t rely on your degree alone to automatically open doors after you graduate. It will certainly unlock doors – in other words it will make you eligible to apply for jobs that specify “must be a graduate” and the subject or class of your degree may also be important to certain employers. But however good your degree class, however relevant your subject to the career that you’ll be applying for, it is likely that you will be competing for this job with a number of other graduates who are equally well-qualified academically.

Once your degree has unlocked the door, you’ll need the right mix of skills, abilities and personal qualities in order to turn the handle and give the door the push that will open it to you” – Quote from University of Kent Website.

We prepare you in:

  • Cover Letter & CV Writing – You don’t have a second chance for a first impression so you had better get it right!
  • Interview Preparedness – The Art of anticipating questions and providing relevant answers that demonstrate honesty,creativity and suitability for the job
  • Work Etiquette & Ethics – An orientation into acceptable behavior that is required of you as a graduate employee and pointing you to unacceptable mannerisms that would jeopardize your career.
  • Productive Work  Culture – Honing your disposition towards being inquisitive, taking initiative, self-discipline and responsibility towards being results-oriented.
  • Team Working – Situating the need to collaborate and co-operate for growth and better results.
  • Speaking Skills  – Ability to articulate your ideas and express opinions in a professional and effective manner
  • Presentation Skills, among others.

For the employers :

We realize your challenge with graduate employees who in several cases disappoint as soon as you start allocating to them tasks. You can partner with us by requiring all your graduate employees to pass through our hands so that we can prepare them with the necessary hands-on skills and coaching as part of your induction program. Our Work Ethics,Office Etiquette and Work Culture Orientation will help your graduate employees to settle easily and quickly and greatly increase the speed at which they become productive upon employment.

Business Etiquette Skill

The course content covers:

  • Appropriate Office Behaviour;
  • Place of Organizational Skills and Time Management for a Professional;
  • How to overcome Procrastination;
  • Professional use of telephone, email and social media in a business context;
  • Action Plan to Improve professionalism in business.